Our Programs

Hope Home, Ariss

Hope Home Logo Hope Home

Established in 1983 in Ariss, a 12 bed adult and 10 bed children's residence offers total care to individuals with complex needs due to developmental and physical challenges. Comprehensive supports include 24 hour nursing staff and an on-site Special Education Classroom.

Stephanie Home, Guelph

Stephanie Home

Established in 2003, Stephanie Home is a 6 bed respite home for children with behavioural challenges due to developmental and mental health disabilities. The home supports approximately 50 families by giving them a regularly scheduled break, in addition to helping with crisis situations.

Playsense, Guelph

Playsense Playsense

Established in 2005 with a generous grant from the four Guelph Rotary Clubs and the Trillium Foundation, and a donation from Donald McDonald, Playsense is a fully accessible and adapted play centre for individuals or groups of all ages with developmental disabilities.

Ooster House

Ooster House

Established in 2012, Ooster House is named in honour of Hopewell founders John and Johanna Oosterhuis. The facility is a 6 bed respite home for adults. Staff works closely with families to make the respite as effective as possible.

Wilton Place


Established in 2014, Wilton place is an adult residential setting. Staffed 24 hours/day, Wilton staff work closely and cooperatively with parents and caregivers.

Clarence Place


Established in 2014, Clarence Place is an adult residential setting. As with Wilton Place, staff work cooperatively with parents and caregivers to ensure the highest quality of life for residents.